Cockle collection halt

Cockles Poached From Geltwood Beach TBW Newsgroup
FISHING BANNED: Cockles are protected until the end of October. Hundreds of poached cockles were seized by PIRSA Fisheries officers from the Geltwood Beach in 2018.

THE annual statewide closure of the cockles fishery started on June 1.

The closure runs for five months until October 31 and is part of the sustainable management arrangements for the fishery.

About the popular places to search for cockles are in the sands of the Geltwood Beach, west of Millicent.

PIRSA Fisheries Officers will continue to patrol cockles fishing beaches over the coming months to ensure all laws are obeyed during the closed season.

Reports of anyone taking the shellfish during the closed season should be made to the Fishwatch Hotline on 1800 065 522.

Fishers caught taking cockles during the closed season can face fines of up to $20,000 and risk their catch and equipment used in any illegal take being seized and forfeited.

Bag limits apply when the season reopens on November 1.

Cockles are a popular species for recreational fishers with an estimated 3.24 million cockles collected in 2013-14, according to the South Australian Recreational Fishing Survey.

Meanwhile, the winter closure also now applies until October 1 for all recreational and professional lobster fishing in the local Southern Zone.


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