City family furious over eleventh hour cockatoo control plan notification

NO CULL: Mount Gambier resident Mark Mathusalem and step-daughter Sammi Hicks, pictured holding Elaina Huebler, are outraged over a proposed cull of cockatoos planned for tomorrow.

A MOUNT Gambier family is furious over an eleventh hour letter notifying them of a cockatoo cull planned at Grant High School tomorrow, urging residents to protest the killing of birds.

Residents Mark Mathusalem and partner Pauline Hicks were shocked to receive a letter from the school informing them of tomorrow’s proposed cull.

The school was granted permission to cull 30


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While I love birds there comes a time when it is necessary to reduce numbers.. plague proportions in an species is not a good thing.. its not going to exterminate the whole population .. Cant see a problem

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