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1998 Honda CB750

ORIGINALLY hailing from Broken Hill, Mount Gambier’s Bob Sandow was one of the lucky few to have had a friendship with Australian artist Pro Hart. Like […]

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Yamaha 650 Wasp Sidecar

THE city’s popular sidecar racing couple of yesteryear, Dennis and Margrett English have been reunited with their adored Yamaha Wasp sidecar, which they loved to take […]

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1936 Ford Heavy Hot Rod

AFTER being found in pieces, hidden in the pines of Mount Gambier, this racing car was salvaged and restored by present owner Denis Bald. Discovering the […]

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1934 Chevrolet Tudor

THIS striking 1934 Chevrolet Tudor, owned by David Holdsworth featured in the largest display of hot rods and custom-built cars in Mount Gambier this year. Mr […]

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1935 Ford pick-up

INSPIRED by a photograph in a magazine, Mount Gambier resident Jason Habner has transformed a beaten up 1935 Ford pick-up into a motoring masterpiece. Purchasing his […]

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1932 Ford three window Coupe

THIS striking 1932 Ford three window coupe was just one of the crowd stopping vehicles featured at the Australian Street Rod Federation Blue Lake Nationals in […]