Old Caravan Dave (10)  TBW Newsgroup 11 photos

1920’s custom-built caravan

THIS 1920’s custom-built caravan belongs in a museum, according to owner Dave Veles who believes it is among the oldest existing caravans in Australia.  Mr Veles […]

Mini Mack Ford (4)  TBW Newsgroup 22 photos

1990 Ford XF ute

While not exactly a showroom head-turner with a hefty price tag, a sentimental connections gives value to this 1990 Ford XF ute. Becoming a truck driver […]

Mel Cranwell Volkswagen (3)  TBW Newsgroup 21 photos

1963 Volkswagen beetle

THIS BRIGHT and bold 1963 Volkswagen beetle was believed to be manufactured during the same year as Herbie the Love Bug. Owner Mel Cranwell said the […]

Bsa Car Smart (8)  TBW Newsgroup 16 photos

c11 BSA 250cc motorcycle

“IT JUST looked cute on a trailer” was Clem and Deb Hutchesson’s first thought when they saw this once worn-out 1951 c11 BSA 250cc motorcycle around […]

Roma Caravan (9)  TBW Newsgroup 13 photos

1953 Roma caravan

A CHILDHOOD passion has left Mount Gambier resident Tanya Bierwirth-Leigh smitten for old-school caravans and cars. Now owner of this 1953 Roma caravan and with a […]

Kat Miller Cs (12)  TBW Newsgroup 21 photos

1964 EH Holden

ELLY the 1964 Balhannah Green and Fowlers White EH Holden has been on many adventures across the Limestone Coast with owner Kat Miller.  As original as […]