CARSMART: 1973 HQ Holden Kingswood

A UNIQUE style runs right through Jacob Wimshurst’s Balmoral Green 1973 HQ Holden Kingswood which is completely packed with originality. 

Mr Wimshurst said the classic vehicle was special to him.

“I honestly just love the original look about it,” he said. 

“It runs a genuine 253 V8 four-speed with a few sports options.

“The surface-rust just adds character now coated with a wax to prevent further rusting.”

Mr Wimshurst said the tan upholstery and sports dash were rare options.

“The dash features both kph and mph which I think it a rare option in most cars,” he said.

Mr Wimshurst said the vehicle remained in factory condition. 

“When we first got it we just cleaned it up and that is all we did,” he said. 

“We did not see it advertised but my dad’s friends knew the previous owner well.

“He told us about it so we just went and had a look and knew we had to have it.”

Mr Wimshurst said the vehicle had been in his family since June 2016.

“We had it first registered late 2017,” he said. 

“It was stored in a shed in Murray Bridge before we got it.

“It was all covered in dust and seemed it had been sitting there for years.” 

Mr Wimshurst said he could not wait to get the vehicle home. 

“Being a HQ fanatic that I am I just love everything about it,” he said. 

“Sometimes I will get it out on the weekend and go for a cruise somewhere. 

“If there is a car run or event on I will go and have a look at that and maybe join in.” 

Mr Wimshurst said despite its age, it was a smooth ride on the road.

“I think it just draws attention wherever it goes,” he said. 

“A lot of people see the originality of it and I think that is what really interests them. 

“It will not be long until I sign up for special club registration.”

Mr Wimshurst said he had not looked into featuring in weddings or events.

“If someone asked me I would probably be happy to have it featured,” he said. 

“Actually I think I would be ecstatic.”

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