CARSMART: 1971 HG Holden GTS Monaro

THIS red 1971 HG Holden GTS Monaro races hard, running a 350 cubic inch V8 Chevrolet engine connected to a turbo 700 transmission. 

Sitting on old-school classic 15-inch Centreline wheels, the vehicle styles an original look which catches many people’s attention. 

Featuring aluminium cylinder Air Flow Research heads, the vehicle now runs on unleaded petrol. 

Its burgundy upholstery remains in top condition with all mechanical aspects of the vehicle restored by owner Kym Taylor. 

Mr Taylor had been searching for a Monaro for over 20 years when he found this revhead’s dream. 

“I flew and drove all around Australia looking for one,” he said. 

“Every time I arrived to inspect vehicles I was disappointed as the advertisement did not match the car. 

Mr Taylor was coming back from a holiday in Geelong and was about to give up when he saw this vehicle advertised on Gumtree.

“I rang the person and drove to Ballarat the next day just so I could put a deposit on the car,” he said. 

“I knew it was the one and it immediately exceeded my expectations. 

“The previous owner had it for one of his kids who did not want it anymore.”

Mr Taylor has now had it for six years, longer than any other vehicles he had previously restored. 

“I more like working on cars than collecting them which is why I do not have a collection at home,” he said. 

“This is the only one I have not sold as it is the one I really wanted. 

“It has definitely been my favourite restoration project and has taken around five years to get it to the way I want.

Mr Taylor previously owned a four door tangerine HJ Monaro, which reminds him of the one he currently owns. 

He enjoys the occasional weekend drive as he is now a member of the Street Machine Association of South Australia (SMASA). 

“I enjoy driving the car more than I do working on it,” he said. 

“I have restored three other vehicles which had been my hobby since completing my trade. 

“35 years ago I thought it was a good idea to work on cars for a living, but later left the trade to become an electrician.”

The vehicle was recognised for its appeal recently, featured on Macs biscuits tins and mugs. 

“I was having a few beers with my daughter’s partner who bought me a tin of biscuits with cars on it last Christmas,” Mr Taylor said.

“I wondered how the cars got on the tin and sent a photo through to the company, now its famous.”

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