1975 CL Chrysler Valiant

Nick Stock Valiant (2)  TBW Newsgroup

FROM towing the family boat to racing around circuits and charging across the country, Chryslers have been known for their versatility over the years.

Young Mount Gambier resident Nick Stock purchased his own 1975 CL Chrysler Valiant around two years ago from Melbourne, driving the green machine – with cream-coloured roof – back to the Blue Lake city.

“I am the third owner of the car, I brought it off a middle-aged man who owned it for two years using it was his weekend car,” Mr Stock said.

“He brought it off his Nan who used it as her everyday car since she brought it new.”

Since owning the vehicle, Mr Stock has made minor fixes, completed a few upgrades to the motor and now drives it whenever he can.

“On the road it floats around a bit like a boat but it is getting better with a few changes with wider wheels, lowering and rebuilt front-end,” he said.

“Since I bought, I have spent money and worked on it and has gone from there as an ongoing project.

“As a whole, it really is a good car.”

Drawing inspiration from the movie The Wog Boy, Mr Stock has placed a lion on the car’s dash, similarly to the Valiant in the film.

“I bought a Valiant as I like the shape and prefer bigger cars rather than a mini,” he said.

“I have grown up with old cars through my parents who always had the Chevrolets and Holdens.

“I wanted to get one now before they go up too high in price.”

With size and power in mind, Mr Stock said the car ticked both boxes.

“I like any old car and I am not really locked to any model or company,” he said.

“This car has been to Chryslers on the Murray which I plan to do again this year, but that is basically the only larger trip it has done.

“I am also a member of the South East Street Machines so I have gone on a couple of small cruises too.”

Mr Stock said the bench bucket seats were one of his favourite features of the vehicle which allow up to six people in the car at the same time.

“Most of my friends have older cars as well, so when we catch up we end up going for cruises together,” he said.

“I like to get it out on the weekend and take it for a drive when the weather is nice enough.”