Blue Lake city in the spotlight

BRILLIANTLY BLUE: Peter Horne, from the Cave Divers Association of Australia, welcomes global coverage of the Blue Lake. Picture: SANDRA MORELLO

THE Mount Gambier district’s spectacular network of natural wonders is driving an upswing in global tourism, which is throwing the Blue Lake city onto the international map.

The region’s burgeoning tourism sector is evident with the arrival of the world renowned film crew from National Geographic in the city yesterday.

Its coverage is expected to catapult Mount Gambier into the spotlight given its reach as a global storyteller amid what appears to be a growing interest in the region’s patchwork of unique sinkholes and volcanoes.

It is understood the documentary featuring the Blue Lake and Kilsby’s Sinkhole will be potentially aired to millions of people across the world.

Some of Australia’s most renowned cave divers and hydrogeology experts


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