Birds flock to Tantanoola

MORE than 6000 birds of 21 species were sighted at three man-made ponds at Tantanoola during autumn.

The ponds were built over 30 years ago to service the two KimberlyClark Australia plants and the tissue-making process.

According to the company’s annual sustainability report, the growing presence of the birds was another pointer to the Millicent Mill’s improved environmental performance.

The three ponds are used to improve water quality at the manufacturing site by adding dissolved oxygen into the wastewater.

“Over the past year, the Glenelg Nature Trust has carried out a bird survey in this area,” stated the report.

“It found that due to the protected nature and outstanding environmental quality of the ponds, a wide range of bird species, from near-threatened and rare, to common, have made the water sanctuary a habitat and source of food.”

Bird numbers at the ponds can dip to a few hundred in winter.

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