Bid to buck retail trend

TAPPING INTO ONLINE TRENDS: Harper and Co manager Stacy Fennell says while her business has embraced online shopping, bricks and mortar retail is still relevant and important to the regional community.

A MAIN street retailer and the city’s independent business group have called on the community to rally behind regional businesses following a 24pc overall jump in online shopping in Mount Gambier.

Figures released by Australia Post show Mount Gambier residents were “avid” online shoppers with department store shopping trends sky-rocketing by nearly 37pc last year.

In a surprising statistic, the small seaside town



Why are the retailers surprised when I can buy some rubber edging delivered free from China for 15% ( yes, no mistake, about one sixth) of what the local retailer wants to charge me in High Street Mount Gambier? This is not just the effect of GST but actual gouging by some local retailers.

Maybe when they stop ripping us off we will come back. The claims are caught out as rubbish when those of us that travel to Melbourne or Adelaide and see the same products much cheaper.
Now yes, you could argue ‘freight costs’….
But then as we are currently seeing, the city shops have the ‘job & wage slashing burden’ of deregulated shopping hours….( so they tell us on the nightly news) ….and they are Still cheaper.
So someones telling porkies.
These retailers gild the lilly at both ends, depending on who they are trying to con.
Its just a damn shame we cant buy PETROL online.

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