Bay ‘issues’ remain ahead of lobster season

Roger Cutting (3) TBW Newsgroup
SOLUTION NEEDED: Port MacDonnell commercial rock lobster industry leader Roger Cutting is furious a more permanent solution to the clogged harbour has not been undertaken by the transport department given the start of the 2019-20 fishing season is less than two weeks away. He has described the current works by a department contractor, pictured in photo, as only a “stopgap” measure. Picture: KATIE JACKSON

PORT MacDonnell’s multi-million dollar rock lobster fishing sector has expressed its anger the commercial harbour continues to be clogged with sand and seaweed less than two weeks from the opening of the season.

While the transport department has engaged a contractor to remove seaweed/sand in the vicinity of the boat ramp and wharf, fed-up industry leaders have described this as


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