Leroy Larson Set Shot   TBW Newsgroup

Former Kalangadoo player free to play on

THE lifetime ban on former Kalangadoo footballer Leroy Larson has been overturned. The key forward was permanently sidelined mid-way through the 2018 season after receiving a […]

Dennis Muhovics October 22   TBW Newsgroup

Wattle Range Council comeback

RETURNING Wattle Range councillor Dennis Muhovics has ruled out a second bid for the mayoralty. He was mid-way through a European vacation last month when he […]

Fraser Scanlon Dsc 6266  TBW Newsgroup

Murphies announce 2020 football vision

THE Glencoe Football Club has announced the appointment of Millicent teacher Frazer Scanlon as its playing coach for the 2020 season. The official announcement was made […]

Greg Jaesnchweb TBW Newsgroup

Smoke alarms increase safety

STRONG support for a potentially life-saving initiative has been shown at Mount Burr with the recent installation of 50 smoke detectors in timber houses. Red Cross […]