Heuzenroeder And Hameed  TBW Newsgroup

Pharmacy adapts to change

THERE has been no panic buying of pharmaceutical medicines at a Millicent pharmacy. However, the threat of the coronavirus pandemic has stripped Millicent Chemist and Giftware […]

Michael And Amber Buhlmann  TBW Newsgroup

Saleyards face tough restrictions

THE threat of the coronavirus pandemic appears to not be limiting the day-to-day operations of the council-owned Millicent saleyards. Despite tough restrictions imposed by Prime Minister […]

Kca Warehouse  TBW Newsgroup

KCA calls out for workers

THE Kimberly- Clark Australia (KCA) Millicent Mill is looking for extra workers in a response to soaring demand for its toilet paper and tissues. Production levels […]

Fostersweb TBW Newsgroup

Trading hours talks

A DECISION on whether Millicent’s supermarkets will be able to open around the clock will be made today by Treasurer Rob Lucas as the State Government […]