Airport argument drives deep wedge between parties

IT is difficult to believe how low the feelings have reached in the “cool” relationship that exists between Grant District Council and Rex Airlines over issues surrounding the Mount Gambier Airport.

The two have been at loggerheads for eight years over increased passenger tax and Grant’s plan to seek funding to upgrade the airport so it can attract bigger aircraft.

But it is nothing compared to the toxic relationship


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It is not difficult to believe; how low the feelings have reached between Grant District Council and Rex Airlines. The basic antagonist being that building a longer runway to attract bigger aircraft hurts REX’s business (they only operate one type, SF-340 in a few different seating configurations).
The Council would do better to pressure REX to upgrade the 30-year-old avionics in its aircraft to allow lower take-off and landing visibility. VNAV upgrades to the SAAB would not only increase safety and reliability but allow weight savings and potentially less weather-related disruptions to the REX schedule.
Less disruptions and delays will go a long way to please expensive ticket holders generate more business and improve Council /Airline relations.

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