David Bosko’s 1978 Honda Z50J “Monkey”

MOUNT Gambier man David Bosco is the proud owner of a 1978 Honda Z50J “Monkey” with less than 100km on the odometer.

Originally won by a family friend in a raffle and used as a kid’s bike on an almond farm, the Monkey was put into storage for 20 years after only being driven 60km.

Mr Bosco’s father then purchased the bike in 1998 for $650 as a Christmas present for his children.

Mr Bosco and his sister were both a little too scared to ride the vehicle so it went back into storage until 2017.

“In 2017 I received my motorbike license and went out and purchased a Honda 125 Monkey,” Mr Bosco said.

“I then realised the Z50J was the predecessor to mine and we still had it under a sheet in our back shed.

“The bike was in almost perfect condition and only needed a little bit of a clean up.”

Mr Bosco and his father spent time cleaning up the bike, pumping up the tyres and returning it to show room condition.

Although the Monkey is classed as a mini bike, only weighing 118kg, it is still a roadworthy vehicle and Mr Bosco has ordered a personalised number plate so he can register it.

The bike currently has only travelled around 86km which is a pretty special feat for a vehicle of its age.

“A lot of people think it is really amazing we have had it for so long with such little kilometres,” Mr Bosco said.

“I guess it works out well that I did not want to ride it when I was young as now it is a collectors bike.”

With the Blue Lake City Custom Classic Bike and Car Show coming up in just over a month, Mr Bosco hopes to keep the Monkey as pristine as possible.

“I am really excited to show off the bike,” he said.

“I have even looked at buying a Hot Wheels version of it to have with me at the event.

“It is just a really cool piece of history and I am lucky to have had it passed down through my family.”

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