Life imitates art for rapper turned drug dealer

JAILED: Former hip-hop artist turned drug dealer David William Puckridge was jailed for eight years, 11 months and 27 days. Picture: FACEBOOK

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LIMESTONE Coast drug trafficker David “MC Puck” Puckridge appears to have become the person he spat rhymes about after penning the lyrics to rap song “Chemical Society” in 2008.

Labelling drug dealers as “money hungry” and “shifty”, Puckridge’s lyrics became a reality last Friday, when he was jailed for eight years, 11 months and 27 days for several drug trafficking and firearms offences.

Puckridge was sentenced for 13 counts of trafficking in methylamphetamine, two counts of trafficking in a large commercial quantity of fantasy and one count of trafficking in a commercial quantity of fantasy.

While he described himself on Triple J Unearthed as one of the best Aussie hip hop artists in Mount Gambier, Puckridge’s rap career never got off the ground and his life spiralled into the subject of his rhymes.

Even a listener on the website seemed to predict the future, leaving a review, which described the song as “awesome lyrics that


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