2001 Proton Satria GTI

COMPETITIVE Mount Gambier racer Emmerine Botha uses her unique 2001 Proton Satria GTI as a much loved race car, competing in various events around the city.

This is the second race car the fifteen year old has owned, with the first being written off after a crash during a race.

“The body of this Proton Satria was bought from Melbourne and the parts of the crashed car were transferred to the newly purchased vehicle,” Ms Botha said.

The body was bought for around $400 and with the help of Ms Botha’s father, Fred, it was rebuilt into a new race car.

Only 10 of the cars could be found for sale by Emmerine and her father when they started looking for a replacement body for her crashed car.

Restoration included a new engine and stripping the interior to ensure the vehicle was as light as possible for racing.

“The rims of the car are original, however the tires are larger than the originals as they allow for more grip when racing,” Mr Botha said.

Growing up on a farm, Ms Botha has been driving since five years of age.

“I find racing very enjoyable and I suppose I have a bit of a competitive streak in me,” she said.

“My dream is to one day build a rally car and race it across Australia.”

“There are not many of these models left in the country and they are all produced in silver,” Mr Botha said.

“So we decided to paint the front of the vehicle black in an effort to make it distinct.

“It should be the only one of its kind in Mount Gambier.”

Ms Botha is a member of the South East Automobile Club in Mount Gambier and has been racing competitively for 12 months.

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