1998 Honda CB750

ORIGINALLY hailing from Broken Hill, Mount Gambier’s Bob Sandow was one of the lucky few to have had a friendship with Australian artist Pro Hart.

Like Mr Sandow, Pro was an avid motoring enthusiast and this shared love of motoring was what lead to the artist decorating Mr Sandow’s 1998 Honda CB750 years ago.

The tank of the black motorcycle is decorated with white ants and the signature of Pro Hart.

“Being from Broken Hill I thought it would be great to have something from home symbolised on the bike,” Mr Sandow said.

“Pro happened to be a family friend so I approached him about possibly painting something on my tank.

“He initially said he did not do much art anymore, but he quickly changed his mind and created something amazing.”

Not only is the tank something unique, Mr Sandow’s bike has also been fitted with accessories from a CB 750 used in the police force.

“I was working as the Honda dealership mechanic and was sent an ex-police bike,” Mr Sandow said.

“The bike they sent to us was white, but they shipped black parts and accessories as they thought it would make it an easier sale.

“I decided to keep the black parts for my bike so it now looks a little different than average.”

He fitted the bike with an engine guard, panniers, a bag rack and highway pegs.

Although now 20 years old, the bike shows no signs of aging.

“Pro told me that I would have to come back to have the tank repainted,” Mr Sandow said.

“But it is still as mint as when he first did it.”

These days Mr Sandow does not ride his bike often, but he has taken it on many trips.

“It has been to Broken Hill and back a number of times and I have never had an issue,” he said.

“Even though I do not ride it much anymore, the artwork makes it one of a kind and I plan to keep it in the family for years to come.”

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