1975 HJ Holden

LOCAL car enthusiast Troy Solly has always had a strong passion for old vehicles, especially H Series Holdens.

The newest addition to his classic collection, a HJ 1975 Holden is hard to ignore with its bright yellow, yet slightly green colour.

“You can’t tell until you hold something bright yellow next to it,” Mr. Solly said about the underlying tinge of green.

With 327 Chev ACL Race Series internal components and a 305 Corvette Heads Crow valve train, the car can certainly be heard.

Mr. Solly brought it six months ago and described the engine as “a work in progress”.

The car is highly modified, and everything in it is custom made regardless of it previously sitting idle in a shed for 12 months with fairly rare 265/50 Series/15 inch Centreline mags.

Mr. Solly has a local car cleaning business which he says is physically demanding but satisfying work.

“It’s full-time work,” Mr Solly explains, as he rarely has a day where he doesn’t have clients.

Buying the Holden for $25,000, Mr Solly mainly uses it for club runs with the South East Street Machines, who are this year celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The club holds a yearly two-day event at the Mount Gambier Indoor Tennis Centre, after first starting out as a one day show and shine at South Gambier decades ago.

Mr Solly said the things he enjoys most about his car, is its simplicity.

“There’s nothing electronic, everything is old school and if something goes wrong you can fix it yourself,” he said.

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