1970 Holden HG Monaro GTS 308 street machine

SOUTH East Street Machines club member David Lamont’s pride and joy is his fully restored 1970 Holden HG Monaro GTS 308. 

Mr Lamont purchased the vehicle in the late 1990s as a project but did not complete its restoration until three years ago.

“I completely rebuilt the car from the ground up,” Mr Lamont said.

“It has a brand new engine, a full paint job and Convo Pro wheels.

“It was a slow process – over 20 years – but in the end it was definitely worth it.”

Although this is not the first car Mr Lamont has restored, he always dreamed of working on a Monaro.

“I have always loved Holdens,” Mr Lamont said.

“I have previously worked on other cars but my Monaro is definitely something special to me.”

Mr Lamont joined the South East Street Machines last year after the implementation of the 90-day club registration for vehicles.

“It has been great to be apart of the club,” Mr Lamont said.

“Obviously the club rego is a positive but getting to know like-minded people is the main thing.

“I have taken part in a few show and shine events so it has been great to officially be apart of the club now.”

As motoring is something he has always been passionate about, the HG will not be the last restoration he completes.

“I already have other projects in the works,” Mr Lamont said.

“Obviously cars have been a big hobby in my life for many years and I am excited to complete other restorations in the future.”

Mr Lamont’s Monaro will be on show at the South East Street Machines Show and Shine day on September 29.

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