1955 FJ Holden dragster

COMPLEMENTING his classic car collection, Dennis Boundy is proud to hold the keys to this 1955 FJ Holden dragster. 

What was once a “rusty old wreck”, Mr Boundy restored the vehicle to race at various salt flat meetings. 

“We had it sitting around for a while before we did anything with it,” he said. 

“Although I did not spend a lot of money we built it to a class.” 

Mr Boundy said he went to “the salt” in 2000, always spectating but never involved with a vehicle. 

“It was like going to the pub but not buying a beer,” he said.

Shortly after the trip Mr Boundy said he started the restoration project of this vehicle. 

“I had a couple of my mates help me put it together and it was just a fun process,” he said. 

“It is purpose-built for the salt and just to drive in a straight line really.

“It sits very low, is fitted with hard suspension and we have played around with the wheel size and width until it suited what we were using it for.” 

Mr Boundy said the vehicle now holds two state Australian records in two different classes. 

“We raced on Lake Gairdner which is basically Australia’s version of the Bonneville Salt Flats,” he said. 

“We have raced it in the salts five times and I do not think we will be taking it up again because it will not go any quicker than it used to. 

“First time around we did 111mph and we finished up doing 113mph as our record.” 

Mr Boundy said the name of the vehicle had meaningful value. 

“The vehicle is called Grey Power because firstly the engine was commonly called a Holden grey motor and secondly because there were a couple of grey-headed old farts playing around with it,” he said. 

“That is also why it is the silver grey colour. 

“It is just a play on words and it is my favourite car from my collection put it that way.”

Mr Boundy said it still “goes”, fitted with a supercharger, and has been involved in many quarter-mile sprint type events. 

“It is mostly just a memento now,” he said. 

I love the history it has and the fact it has done 113mph. 

“It is not bad for an old bus like this as they used to do 80mph when they were new.” 

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