$11m upgrade to keep Mount Gambier sewerage flowing

THE state’s water infrastructure authority will undergo an $11m project to improve the transfer of wastewater from Mount Gambier to Finger Point near Port MacDonnell.

More than five kilometres of new sewer main near Finger Point will be iinstalled by SA Water to improve wastewater services.

The investment will replace a 30km section of concrete trunk main responsible for transporting wastewater from 28,000 residents and businesses in Mount Gambier to the Finger Point Wastewater Treatment Plant.

SA Water general manager of asset operations and delivery Mark Gobbie said the project ensured local customers continue to receive reliable, high-quality wastewater services well into the future.

“Over the years we have strategically upgraded the large trunk main to maintain its safe operation while managing costs for our customers, with this being the last section of pipe to be upgraded,” Mr Gobbie said.

“With this particular section of the sewer main constructed in the mid-1960s, replacing it with a new mild steel concrete lined pipe will make sure we can continue safely removing and treating wastewater for our customers while significantly reducing the risk of potential leaks or breaks.”

He said the new pipe would also improve the operational ability of the sewer pump station in Mount Gambier and reduce the likelihood of non-flushable items like wet wipes, condoms and tampons causing blockages in the sewer network.

“Our South East customers can also play a part in keeping our sewers healthy by only flushing the three Ps – (toilet) paper, pee and poo,” Mr Gobbie said.

“This will protect internal pipework, reduce the potential for an overflow, assist us to keep treatment and operational costs down and help safeguard the environment.”

Beginning next month, the sewer main replacement was expected to take seven months to complete.

“We will work closely with the local community and relevant stakeholders, including the District Council of Grant, throughout the project to minimise construction impacts, such as dust, noise and any temporary changes to private property or road access,” Mr Gobbie said.

“This is an important project for our sewer network in the South East, and we look forward to delivering this upgrade as quickly and safely as possible.”

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