Bruce Potter Lc Torana (2)  TBW Newsgroup 16 photos

1971 Holden Torana LC S

MOST Holden and Ford disputes revolve around red and blue, however Bruce Potter has a choice to make between purple or aqua when it comes to […]

Robert Charger (29)  TBW Newsgroup 16 photos

1971 VH Charger

FIERCE muscle takes over the streets when Robert Jusup and Beverley Ousey cruise behind the wheel of their Alpine White 1971 VH Charger.  The eighth of […]

Jag Car Smart (23)  TBW Newsgroup 9 photos

1979 XJ6 Jaguar

THIS 1979 XJ6 Jaguar once made for iconic newlywed photographs in its past life as a feature bridal vehicle.   Owner Bill Fielding purchased the vehicle […]

Mini Mack Ford (4)  TBW Newsgroup 22 photos

1990 Ford XF ute

While not exactly a showroom head-turner with a hefty price tag, a sentimental connections gives value to this 1990 Ford XF ute. Becoming a truck driver […]

Roma Caravan (9)  TBW Newsgroup 13 photos

1953 Roma caravan

A CHILDHOOD passion has left Mount Gambier resident Tanya Bierwirth-Leigh smitten for old-school caravans and cars. Now owner of this 1953 Roma caravan and with a […]

Hj Raymond Leigh (3)  TBW Newsgroup 18 photos

1954 FJ Holden

THIS 1954 FJ Holden continues to preserve the classical “old car smell” with over 50 years of original features maintained by owner Raymond Leigh.  Forever dreaming […]

Robin And Caroline Holden (2)  TBW Newsgroup 14 photos

1957 Holden FE Business

SPECKLED with stone chips from its past life, this “stock-standard” 1957 Holden FE Business holds a lifetime full of memories.  Owners Robin and Caroline Weston said […]